Low Approach Slide Bed Recovery Vehicles

Low approach slide bed recovery vehicles are the future. What was once an irregular operation has now become commonplace.

An increasing number of exotic vehicles on our roads mean ground clearance is minimal, and it is not just the super car that gives the recovery operator a headache. All of the high-volume car producers offer variants with low ground clearance characteristics.

The right approach means everything in this situation, a very low approach angle is mandatory if damage is to be avoided on low clearance vehicles.

The future of low approach technology has arrived!

Low Approach Technology

The innovative So-Low is being described as the single biggest step forward in the carrier market in over 20 years!

The tilt slide body delivers a lower than 4° approach angle without the weight and cost of heavy hydraulic motor driven rack and pinion or cable systems.

We've Lightened Up

So-Low weighs no more than a conventional slide bed design. Which means you have a recovery vehicle system that can do more… much more!

Fitting So-Low to an Iveco 7.2 tonne (gross vehicle weight) chassis returns an outstanding payload of 3 tonnes (6613 Ibs).

Better By Design!

Simplicity is the key. The patented, sliding pivotal alignment design has been produced using the latest finite element analysis techniques.

So-Low has undergone extensive and rigorous field testing of its rugged roll back design.

So-Low is Lower and Safer

When loading a car onto a slide bed recovery vehicle it is desirable to ensure the operation takes place as close to the ground as possible.

Safety for the operator is paramount, reduced height means safer access to the recovered vehicle for the operator.

So-Low has a deployed deck height of just 430mm (measured midway on a 6m/19ft bed) allowing the operator to exit the recovered vehicle in complete safety

Remember, most of the injuries reported to enforcement agencies resulting from falls from vehicles are from a fall below head height and the most common area of the vehicle to fall from is the load area.



Best in class approach angle


Lightest in class delivering best payload


Simple to operate


Safer to operate


Low maintenance


Scalable design – 4, 6, 8, and 10 ton capacities available


  • Operator controls, all housed in:
    • a single control cabinet
    • that is fully weatherproof
    • and secure & lockable
    • with sequential control valve and work light
  • Full length steel sub frame
  • Full length steel tilt frame
  • Sliding pivotal alignment technology
  • Sliding pivot cradle assembly
  • Twin hydraulic tilt body rams with over centre valve
  • Chassis mounted hydraulic oil tank with filter
  • Chassis body locks